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What is it like to work with a LW recruiter?

Here at Lightwave Recruiting, one of our biggest priorities is to make a candidate’s experience the best it can be. We are not your typical recruiters: we are honest, adaptable, efficient, and, most importantly, relationship-driven. We work to ensure that you are treated in a way where you feel both supported and valued. At the end of the day, LW recruiters also have the same goal as you: we both want you to land the job of your dreams! No matter where you might be on your career journey, Lightwave is here to help you navigate the hiring process in the best way possible. Here is what you can expect when working with a LW recruiter.


The First Call

Whenever we reach out to someone with a job opening, we love to connect over a phone call. During this call, our focus is to get to know YOU. What are you looking for in your next career move? What about a company is important to you? Does this opportunity make sense for your timeline? Lightwave realizes that the hiring process is a two-way street: you have to like an opportunity just as much as a company has to like you. That being said, we also want to be able to give you as much information as possible about our client and the role presented. This way, you can decide whether this is a good match and something that is worth pursuing. Even if the initial opportunity does not make sense, we can tell you about other positions in our agency that may also seem like a potential fit.


Interview Prep

As recruiters, we know how important it is to make a great first impression during an interview. That is why we provide free interview prep to all candidates we serve. We know our clients and what they look for in candidates, so we are always excited to share our tips and tricks. Whether it be formulating questions to ask an interviewer or going over zoom etiquette for video calls, we want to make sure you go into interviews with confidence. Need help on a resume or cover letter too? We got you covered! Even before we submit your profile to our clients, we can make suggestions to your resume so that you are sure to stand out. 


Honest Communication 

Working with LW recruiters also guarantees that you are being given honest feedback at all stages of the hiring process. As the middleman between candidates and clients, we are there to make sure that communication is not only timely and efficient but also clear and transparent. For example, we find that having open dialogues after interviews allows a candidate to truly benefit from either positive or negative feedback. All in all, we stand for cultivating relationships that are based on mutual trust so that no one’s time is wasted. 



As a boutique agency, we also pride ourselves on the wide range of candidates we support. Lightwave targets many industries including IT, software, biotech, healthcare, and even retail. Within those industries, we also have an assortment of different open positions, from software engineers to sales executives to product managers. Depending on what your niche is, we are able to tailor our conversations, tips, and feedback to your industry/position. Our adaptability allows us to give you the assistance that is best suited for what you do. 


Lasting Connections

Finally, no matter what happens during the hiring process, LW recruiters will always make sure to keep in touch. For the candidates we do place, we love checking-in to see how they are enjoying their new role/company and if they have any concerns. For those who do not make it through the entire process, we love to stay in contact too! We will keep your name on file in case there are any other future job opportunities that may be a better match for you. Nevertheless, we want to know how you’re doing and if there is anything we can do to help moving forward. 


Overall, Lightwave knows the importance of putting our candidates first. When it comes down to it, we find success, not within the deals we make, but within the relationships, we create with you. 

Let us support you in your next career move: come check out the opportunities we have listed on our website and reach out to a LW recruiter today. We hope to connect soon!

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